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Posco to start search for new chief

Posco Group will hold a board meeting next month possibly to start its search for its new chairperso

[Herald Interview] Mimiirose hopes to make a name for itself

Rookie K-pop bands rarely remain off the radar for even a month after debuting, but Mimiirose stayed

S. Korea to step up quarantine efforts against animal diseases

The agriculture ministry said Tuesday it will run a five-month special disinfection period to implem

[Bills in Focus] Holding CEOs accountable for lack of internal financial control

Proposed bill: Partial Amendment to the Act on Corporate Governance of Financial CompaniesProposed b

American investigated for ‘teeth grinding’ graffiti across Yongsan

An American in his 30s was caught by the police for writing “igari,” which means bruxism -- more com

Reconstructed Dondeokjeon hall in Deoksu Palace to open to public

Dondeokjeon, a historic Western-style building in Seoul's Deoksu Palace used as a royal guestho

Kakao completes its first own data center

South Korean IT giant Kakao, having suffered from its worst-ever server shutdown last year, has comp

[Hello Hangeul] The making of Korean language textbooks featuring BTS

In response to the growing international demand for learning the Korean language, the South Korean E

군사력은 미국이 우위지만, 글로벌 공급망은 미·중 비등 [중앙포럼]

“공백은 항상 채워진다. 공백이 채워질지 여부가 아니라 누가 채우느냐가 관건이다.”최근 한국어로 번역된 저서 『외교』(Diplomacy, 1994년 출간)에서 미국 현실주의 외교의

Posco to build joint venture with US grain company

Posco International said Tuesday that it inked a preliminary joint venture agreement with US grain c
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